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app/sprinkles/account/src/Authenticate/Authenticator.php 1
app/sprinkles/account/src/Controller/AccountController.php 3
app/sprinkles/account/src/Database/Models/Group.php 1
app/sprinkles/account/src/Database/Models/Interfaces/UserInterface.php 2
app/sprinkles/account/src/Database/Models/User.php 2
app/sprinkles/admin/tests/Integration/Controller/GroupControllerGuestTest.php 1
app/sprinkles/admin/tests/Integration/Controller/RoleControllerGuestTest.php 1
app/sprinkles/core/tests/Integration/ServicesProvider/AssetsServiceTest.php 1
app/vendor/userfrosting/assets/src/AssetBundles/GulpBundleAssetsRawBundles.php 1
app/vendor/userfrosting/assets/src/AssetsTemplatePlugin.php 1


Type Line Description
TODO 216 Figure out a way to update the currentUser service to reflect the logged-in user *immediately* in the service provider. As it stands, the currentUser service will still reflect a "guest user" for the remainder of the request.


Type Line Description
TODO 193 require additional user information
TODO 193 prevent password reset requests for root account? AuthGuard: false Route: /account/forgot-password Route Name: {none} Request type: POST
TODO 1330 Can this route be abused for account enumeration? If so we should throttle it as well. AuthGuard: false Route: /account/suggest-username Route Name: {none} Request type: GET


Type Line Description
TODO 53 What do we do with users when their group is deleted? Reassign them? Or, can a user be "groupless"?


Type Line Description
TODO 123 Transition to Laravel Event dispatcher to handle this
TODO 134 Transition to Laravel Event dispatcher to handle this


Type Line Description
TODO 382 Transition to Laravel Event dispatcher to handle this
TODO 422 Transition to Laravel Event dispatcher to handle this


Type Line Description
TODO 241 test individual permission with the delete_group permission too


Type Line Description
TODO 96 test individual permissions too


Type Line Description
TODO 23 Need to test the actual output. We know an instance is returned, but we don't necessary know it returns the correct streams and whatnot


Type Line Description
TODO 25 Many of the more advanced features available in gulp-bundle-assets configuration are not supported. (EG: Specifying the pre-minified versions of assets)


Type Line Description
TODO 21 JS and CSS convenience methods. (not bundles)

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