UserFrosting also comes with a number of custom jQuery plugins that simplify the interactions between the client-side components and the backend. These can all be found in the core Sprinkle, under assets/local/core/js/.


Fetches and renders alerts from the alert stream.


A client-side widget that allows you to easily associate related entities in a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship by selecting them from a dropdown menu.

For example, both the "user roles" and "role permissions" interfaces use this plugin:

ufCollection widget as used for the

See the documentation on collections for more information on using this plugin.


Helper to generate a tooltip alert for clipboard.js.

ufCopy widget.


<div class="js-copy-container">
    <span class="js-copy-target">{{}}</span>
    <button class="btn btn-xs js-copy-trigger"><i class="fa fa-copy"></i></button>


A convenient wrapper for AJAX form submission. Handles validation, loading icon during the submission process, and automatically fetching and displaying error messages after a failed submission.

See the section on forms for more information on using this plugin.


Renders and displays modal windows that dynamically their fetch content from a specified URL. Very useful for pop-up forms and dialog boxes.


A wrapper for Tablesorter that automatically fetches JSON data from a specified API endpoint, and dynamically builds paginated, sorted, filtered views on the fly. Very useful as a quick-and-easy way to get data from your database to the client.

See the section on tables for more information on using this plugin.